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Madeleine Corr

Madeleine Corr is a ranked lawyer in Chambers & Partners and a recommended lawyer in the Legal 500.

Madeleine joined Shaw Graham Kersh in 2010 and was promoted to partner in 2022. She is a highly experienced and committed criminal defence solicitor with 20 years’ experience at Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners firms in London.

Madeleine has a diverse practice advising clients across the full range of criminal offences including murder, terrorism, complex fraud, money laundering and serious firearm and drug offences, from the police station through to the Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

Known for her tenacity, thorough preparation and sound judgement, Madeleine’s ability to work in close collaboration with her clients and counsel at each stage of the proceedings ensures that she achieves the best possible results.

Madeleine has a special interest, and extensive experience, in representing women accused of murder and manslaughter at trial and at appeal. She is acutely aware that female defendants accused of such crimes tend to be victims themselves. Madeleine is a panel solicitor for the Centre for Women’s Justice.

Madeleine represents both privately funded and legally aided clients. She is regularly instructed to privately represent clients at the pre charge engagement stage of the police investigation. 

She is also the firm’s Compliance Officer for Legal Practice.

“Madeleine Corr is a star. She is approachable, tactical, and absolutely on top of the brief. A real joy to work with and deservedly a recently made partner”
Legal 500 2024

“Madeleine is a fantastic solicitor.”
Chambers & Partners 2024

“Madeleine Corr – good judgement and engages with clients excellently.”
Legal 500 2023

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, from the very first day we crossed paths you have never left me and my children's side… you have always been there for us whenever we have needed you.”

Madeleine and “my legal team were so thorough and went above and beyond to help me, they listened to me, and I felt safe in their hands.”

Ms Corr provided an “honest and thorough service & helped me through every step. I felt heard and understood. Ms Corr was working on my behalf all the time. Very happy and would recommend to anyone.”

“I can’t thank you [Madeleine] enough for all the first class work you did on my son’s case. You were hugely sympathetic and understanding regarding the delicate nature of the case and were hardworking and professional. I was overjoyed at the outcome and can’t recommend your services highly enough. I am eternally grateful for your drive to secure the right result.”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. Very Satisfied.”

“Very satisfied – [Madeleine] provided a depth and quality of advice comparable to the most expensive chambers but at an affordable price”

“We could not have had a better result. Madeleine changed the outcome of MT’s life”

“I am extremely grateful to your meticulous attention to detail and support throughout my case”


“I was very happy with Madeleine. She was very helpful [with] very good communication and good advice”.

2024 Southwark Crown Court (ongoing)
A four handed conspiracy to handle stolen goods, namely mobile phones, and conspiracy to commit fraud by making false representations that they were the legitimate owners of the mobile phones and entitled to use the banking facilities to make payments and transfers.

2024 Exeter Crown Court
A 70-year-old woman accused of the murder of her husband, with whom she had been married to for 35 years. The case involved the use of expert psychiatric and psychological evidence.

2024 Lewes Crown Court
A redbrick university student of good character, with ADHD, accused of rape, three counts of sexual assault, and assault by penetration of two separate complaints, which dates to 2020.

2023 Maidstone Crown Court
A 17-year-old boy, serving a life sentence for murder, accused of grievous bodily harm and violent disorder in prison, following conviction, in 2020.

2023 Westminster Magistrates’ Court
Representing a 14-year-old boy accused of terrorism related charges in respect of extreme material.

2023 Liverpool Crown Court 
An allegation of murder where the accused was a vulnerable young woman with a history of trauma and mental illness. Expert psychiatric evidence, psychological evidence relating to trauma and memory, and toxicological issues were raised for the partial defences of loss of control and diminished responsibility to be relied upon.

2023 Metropolitan Police Investigation
A client accused of rape. A successful letter representations was made to the police pre charge representations led to no further action being taken by the police. Further, the arrest record was deleted following successful representations to ACRO –Criminal Records Office.

2023 Metropolitan Police Investigation
A client accused of assault, false imprisonment and theft. A successful letter representations was made to the police pre charge led to no further action being taken by the police.

2023 Croydon Magistrates Court
A solicitor accused of assault. The matter was discontinued before trial following a successful letter of representations to the CPS.

2023 Kingston Crown Court
A historic rape dating back to the 1990s. The parties were known to each other. The allegation was first reported in 1999 but the case was closed. The allegation was made again by the same complainant in 2019.

2022 Bristol Crown Court
Murder of a former police officer, who was on life licence for manslaughter at the time of his death, for the killing of his wife. The accused was a vulnerable woman with a history of trauma. She maintained that she defended herself when she was attacked. There was an extensive bad character application relating to the deceased. The accused had ADHD and relied upon the defences of self-defence, loss of control and diminished responsibility.

2022 Central Criminal Court and re trial at Kingston Crown Court
A Zimbabwean man living in the United Kingdom prosecuted for Encouraging Terrorism in Zimbabwe against Zanu PF via social media.

2022 Southwark Crown Court
Madeleine, along with Raymond Shaw and Cheyenne Kiernan, represented a salesman facing prosecution by Oxford Trading Standards in large multi-handed fraud conspiracy.

2021 Maidstone Crown Court
A murder case which involved obtaining expert evidence from the country’s leading specialists in fractures and neuropathology, blood splatter and psychiatry.

2020 Southwark Crown Court
Multi-handed bribery charges brought following a lengthy and complex investigation. The prosecution accepted that there was insufficient evidence to pursue two of the three charges, and a plea deal was agreed. KH received a suspended sentence.

2020 Maidstone Crown Court
Death by careless driving of an elderly woman following a collision with an Age Concern van. By obtaining a psychiatric diagnosis of the client’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and crucial medical evidence RH received a suspended prison sentence.

2019 Central Criminal Court
A 15-year-old boy with complex behavioural issues who was accused of a joint enterprise murder. This case involved extensive analysis of cell site call data and required an approach that was particularly sympathetic to the client’s needs, ensuring that he understood each stage of the proceedings.

2019 Central Criminal Court
Assisted Raymond Shaw representing a mentally unwell defendant charged with attempted murder. Agreed psychiatric evidence resulted in a finding of ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’ and the imposition of a Hospital Order.

2018 Norwich Crown Court
Together with Raymond Shaw and Cheyenne Kiernan represented Two brothers who were accredited Independent Financial Advisors accused of a £17 million pension fraud of several hundred clients. This case involved forensic interrogation of complex company accounts.

2018 Kingston Crown Court
Successfully represented a mother accused of a serious assault on her husband in the family home. The CPS offered no evidence following detailed representations.

2017 Inner London Crown Court
Successfully represented a youth accused of rape (on a joint enterprise basis) where the CPS offered no evidence mid-trial following the complainant’s evidence.

2017 Inner London Crown Court
Represented a youth accused of multiple knife point robberies where, after negotiation with the CPS, he pleaded guilty to two matters and all others were withdrawn.Youth Rehabilitation Order passed by way of sentence.

2017 Kingston Crown Court
Represented a young female accused of false imprisonment, making threats to kill and assault ABH to a vulnerable male friend with learning difficulties in a case attracting national media attention. This case was part of a pilot scheme to cross examine witnesses in advance of the trial.

2016 St. Albans Crown Court
Represented a mother accused of international child abduction by the removal of her children from the UK to the USA. Due to the particular circumstances of the case she received a Conditional Discharge, a sentence rarely handed out for such a serious offence.

2016 Wood Green Crown Court
Represented a defendant charged with possession of prohibited ammunition, an offence carrying a mandatory minimum 5 year sentence. Following defence insistence on a more detailed examination of the seized items revealed that they were not prohibited ammunition and the defendant received a 2 year sentence after pleading guilty to an alternative offence.

2016 Canterbury Crown Court
Represented a defendant, on life licence for murder, accused of multiple rapes, assaults and threats to kill on his partner and mother of his children in a coercive and controlling relationship. He was acquitted on a number of counts.

2016 Central Criminal Court
Assisted in the successful representation of a defendant accused of preparing to commit terrorist acts against British Nationals on UK soil.

2015 Kingston Crown Court
Successful representation of a defendant acquitted by the jury at trial of importing large amounts of cannabis from two different jurisdictions via his fruit and vegetable importation business.

2014 Southwark Crown Court
Represented a defendant accused of harassment and perverting the course of justice in one the first examples of ‘revenge porn’.

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