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Raymond Shaw

Partner (Admitted 1996)

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Raymond is head of our private client department and his practice encompasses serious crime of all types.

Raymond brings the same meticulous commitment to every client, no matter the nature of the charges they face. His personable manner puts clients and witnesses at ease, allowing him to build trust and get to the root of matters quickly. He has the judgment to identify the key points in a case and the communication skills necessary to explain often complex issues in a manner that allows clients to make informed choices.

Raymond has particular experience in advising and defending fraud and related financial offences. This experience extends to the SFO, HMRC and CPS specialist fraud units as well as advising clients facing FCA and CMA investigations. Raymond’s clients frequently face criminal matters complicated by parallel civil proceedings. Raymond has completed the ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner qualification, bringing to his practice a unique insight and understanding of how investigative and prosecutorial agencies approach their work. Raymond acts as a supervisor for Very High Cost Case legal aid work (the very largest legal aid cases).

In addition to his financial crime expertise, Raymond has particular experience in:

  • Contempt of Court proceedings;
  • football related investigations, acting for the former chairman of a Premier League club, a solicitor advising footballers and their agents, a well known comedian arrested following a football related stunt and a Premier League footballer facing assault allegations;
  • international child abduction cases;
  • allegations of domestic violence, coercion and control, or harassment;
  • conspiracy;

Supplementing his traditional criminal defence practice, Raymond also advises:

  • victims of crime guiding them through a stressful and complex process, pressing the police and CPS to act more effectively in cases where clients are receiving an inadequate response;
  • Professionals - doctors, dentists, solicitors, IFAs and other professionals facing professional disciplinary investigations, particularly those with potential criminal liability;
  • clients seeking the removal of biometric and data records available to the police for disclosure during DBS or enhanced DBS checks.

Outside his client work, Raymond is a former President of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association and has represented defence solicitors in negotiations and meetings with Government, the senior Judiciary, the leadership of the CPS and the Bar.

The Legal 500 – The Clients Guide to Law Firms Shaw, Raymond

“Raymond Shaw is a really strong criminal defence advocate.”
Chambers & Partners 2024

“Raymond Shaw maintains a strong criminal defence practice which includes representing clients facing serious allegations of violence and attempted murder. He heads the private client criminal defence team at Shaw Graham Kersh.”
Chambers & Partners 2023

“aymond is excellent, methodical, very thorough, and very engaging.”
Chambers & Partners 2023

“Both Paul Graham and Raymond Shaw, who are stalwarts of the London criminal market and should be praised for their client care especially with regard to legally aided clients.”
Legal 500 2023

“Raymond Shaw is an outstanding solicitor. A giant brain on criminal law.”
Legal 500 2023

“Raymond Shaw is a really strong criminal defence advocate.”
Legal 500 2023

“Raymond Shaw – a highly experienced litigator who is diligent, creative and devoted to his clients. He is a pleasure to work with and is tactically astute”
Legal 500 2022

"Raymond Shaw is a good defence lawyer who shows judgement, confidence and clear thinking."
Chambers and Partners 2022

"He demonstrates excellent client care and superb attention to detail. He is an excellent tactician who provides sensible pragmatic advice."
Chambers and Partners 2022

"He is amazing at dealing with people who are having their first interaction with the law."
Chambers and Partners 2021 

Raymond Shaw is very knowledgeable and tactically astute. Fantastic client care with a young client facing a very serious charge and his very worried parents were handled with skill. Nothing is left to chance’ 
Legal 500 2021


"Thank you for all your support… [and] for providing reassurance through the process.  I have found your advice and calming style really helpful throughout the long time this has taken"

"It is terrifying to realise how close we can all come to a wrongful conviction.  Worst of all, this process has ripped me apart from my family. I am looking forward to … rebuilding my life with my wife and young children.  I thank my legal team at Shaw Graham Kersh, in particular Raymond Shaw"

2023 SFO/Glencore Energy
Advising an individual subject to SFO investigation following the conviction of Glencore Energy UK Ltd for extensive bribery charges relating to their oil business in West Africa, Glencore having already been levied the highest ever financial penalty imposed in the UK.

2023 Indecent Images
Representing the CEO of a listed company facing investigation for possession of indecent images.

2023 Bournemouth Crown Court, Blackmail/Harassment
Represented a Defendant initially charged with harassment of his two fellow directors at his company. Persuaded the police that the offending emails were the result of the blackmail being conducted against our client, resulting in the investigation, prosecution and conviction of the other two directors.

2023 Murder Investigation – Brent
Representing a young man being investigated for the murder of one person, and attempted murder of another at a party in Kilburn NW6.

2023 Murder Appeal
Advising and appealing conviction on behalf of a mentally ill man who was convicted of murder and not of manslaughter by diminished responsibility. The case involves an attack on the integrity and professionalism of the prosecution expert psychiatrist.

2022 Trading Standards v B, Southwark Crown Court
Represented a director, one of 9 accused of conspiracy to defraud multiple customers of millions in respect of a ‘Magic Box’ said to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy use and produce save on heating bills. Challenges to the prosecution disclosure regime ultimately led to the case collapsing and not guilty verdicts being entered for all defendants.

2022 Grenfell Tower Inquiry
Represented a former employee of a company at the heart of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry providing evidence to the Enquiry and avoiding any police investigation.

2020 Birmingham Crown Court
Tax Fraud. Represented the lead defendant in a tax fraud case involving government incentives to bolster the British film industry, said to have been devised, marketed and operated in order to cheat the public revenue in the sum of £125 million. The combination of celebrity investors, tax schemes and the British film industry attracted significant publicity. The Judge was persuaded to dismiss the case at the close of the prosecution case but this decision was over-ruled by the Court of Appeal. The defendant was eventually convicted after a four week jury deliberation. He received a sentence falling significantly below the current sentencing guidelines.

2020 Contempt of Court, at the Court of Appeal
Representing a barrister accused of contempt of Court in respect of the onward disclosure of a contentious document produced during the appeal process.

2020 International Freezing order, Queens Bench Division
Representing a financial services company and its main director, in connection with an international freezing order resulting from allegations of fraud and the loss of millions of pounds of invested funds. In the process uncovering apparent fraud by those seeking the Order against our client.

2020 B Metropolitan Police Encrochat
Advising client under investigation as part of the wave of arrests involving Encrochat or PGP encrypted devices. One of a number of such cases in the firm.

2018 Southwark Crown Court
With Madeleine Corr represented one of three defendants charged with bribery involving a prominent motor sport company. Following a timely guilty plea resulted in a suspended sentence order.

2018 Fraud Norwich Crown Court
Representing a company and its directors in an FCA investigation and parallel criminal proceedings for conspiracy to defraud. The allegations concern the alleged improper use of millions of pounds of investors’ funds in breach of FCA regulations and conspiracy to defraud charges.

2018 Southwark Crown Court
Represented the sole defendant charged with defrauding his “Russian oligarch” employers of millions of pounds. Whilst a civil case in 2014 was found against him and had resulted in him being ordered to repay £12.5 million. Massive efforts were made to secure full disclosure from the prosecution and this resulted in abuse of process applications and repeated adjournments of the trial. Shortly before being listed for trial for the third time the Crown offered no evidence and Not Guilty verdicts were entered on the 15 Count indictment.

2018 (police investigation)
Advising a prominent celebrity/journalist in connection with allegations of controlling or coercive behaviour (under the Serious Crime Act 2015).

2018 (various)
Football related fraud Advising the former director of a Premier League Football club and a current director.

2017 Kingston Crown Court
Successful defence of two men accused of conspiracy to launder more than £50 million in drug money through a money transfer office. The manager and compliance officer of the company were both acquitted notwithstanding their filmed movement of the cash sums on motor bikes through London without the required AML record keeping.

2017 CMA v Various
Instructed by a well-known city firm to advise former employees of a company under investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority in respect of bid rigging and price fixing in the building industry in breach of the Enterprise Act 2002.

2016 City of London police investigation
Represented two men being investigated for an alleged fraud involving hundreds of trades on the London Metal Exchange resulting in a profit of approximately $50 million said to be dishonestly obtained at the expense of a clearing house.

2014 Isleworth Crown Court Fraud/importation
With seven other defendants, Mr K, a director of a freight company near Heathrow, faced allegations that over a two year period he smuggled into the UK over 100kg cocaine and heroin, 1.19 tonnes of cannabis and over 36 million cigarettes. The trial commenced in October 2013 and lasted five months before being aborted. Following an abuse of process hearing in June 2014 the case against Mr K was stayed and he was successfully acquitted. The defendant was the only one of the directors to not have to face a re-trial.

2013 High Court, Chancery Division
SK was the former financial advisor to former England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson who alleged that Mr K had defrauded him (and/or been negligent) causing him losses of circa £10 million. Mr K always denied these allegations. We represented Mr K in contempt of court proceedings brought for multiple alleged breaches of a court order relating to third party loans and credit card expenditure. Following consideration of our submissions the applicant was persuaded to withdraw the contempt application in return for a public apology, and Mr K thereby avoided prison.

2013 Comedian
Representation of BBC comedian who entered the field of play at a Premier League match in character in full kit as the players warmed up. Mr B was arrested and charged with pitch invasion and the prosecution intended to apply for a football banning order, the impact of which would have been substantial on the comedy character. Following lengthy representations, the CPS agreed to discontinue the charge and no banning order was imposed.

2012 Southwark Crown Court
This SFO prosecution was the first case to result from the appointment of the Pensions Regulator and the sums involved effectively made this the largest trial of a pension fraud case since the Robert Maxwell case. The case involved the transfer out of the UK of over £50 million of private pension funds. The defendant, who had earned a stellar reputation in mergers and acquisitions, was presented in all the related trials as the mastermind controlling the operation. Notwithstanding the conviction of those tried before him, M was acquitted of all charges.

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