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Chambers and Partners 2023

"Paul Graham has experience in handling all manner of criminal defence work, including complex cases of murder, violence and human trafficking. As well as leading the serious crime team, he is also the managing partner of Shaw Graham Kersh."

"Paul has seen it all and nothing fazes him. Clients trust him with good reason and I would feel confident in his ability to deal with any criminal case."

"Shaw Graham Kersh houses a strong bench of experienced criminal practitioners who act extensively for both private and publicly funded clients. They are adept at handling matters concerning complex criminal conspiracies, including people trafficking, gang-related violence and large-scale drug investigations. The team also demonstrates expertise in cases that involve young defendants as well as those with mental health issues."

"There is great experience across all levels at Shaw Graham Kersh, with some outstanding individuals. Their work is well considered and meticulously prepared."

"Their client care goes above and beyond and they make sure everything is running smoothly for them."

"Philip Hill is a criminal defence practitioner who has particular experience in handling large drugs cases, as well as matters concerning violent crimes."

"Philip is a very experienced and capable lawyer who knows the law and the courtroom in a way that puts his clients in the best position possible."

"Raymond Shaw maintains a strong criminal defence practice which includes representing clients facing serious allegations of violence and attempted murder. He heads the private client criminal defence team at Shaw Graham Kersh."

"Raymond is excellent, methodical, very thorough, and very engaging."

"He is a really good lawyer who gets into the detail of the case."

Legal 500 2023

"The quality of the solicitors, the advice and the service at SGK is outstanding. With such a breadth of experience in the firm, this really is where I would go if I was in trouble."

"Philip Hill is second to none in forging a relationship of trust and confidence with his clients. He is completely client focused and a real fighter who is utterly committed to achieving the best outcome for his clients."

"Raymond Shaw is an individual who is all over his briefs. He brings insight, lines of enquiry together with providing leadership and strategic input into the most difficult and largest of cases."

"Both Paul Graham and Raymond Shaw, who are stalwarts of the London criminal market and should be praised for their client care especially with regard to legally aided clients."

"SGK are an excellent criminal firm. Their reputation is well deserved and their place in serious and high profile trials unsurprising."

"Paul Graham is a very experienced and capable criminal solicitor. His judgment is second to none and his clients reap the benefits."

"Raymond Shaw is an outstanding solicitor. A giant brain on criminal law."

"Madeleine Corr – good judgement and engages with clients excellently."

Chambers and Partners 2022

"Raymond Shaw is a good defence lawyer who shows judgement, confidence and clear thinking." "He demonstrates excellent client care and superb attention to detail. He is an excellent tactician who provides sensible pragmatic advice."

"Paul Graham is an exceptionally able and experienced solicitor who is careful, thorough and efficient. He takes a strategic approach from the very beginning of a case, puts clients at ease and has a positive cooperative approach with counsel."

"I would always recommend Phil - you just know he will always go the right way about a matter." "He is very personable and good with clients."

Legal 500 2022

“Raymond Shaw – a highly experienced litigator who is diligent, creative and devoted to his clients. He is a pleasure to work with and is tactically astute.”

“Paul Graham has an excellent and well-deserved reputation amongst the legal profession and clients alike. He runs his firm like he runs his cases – with tact, focus and sound judgement.”

“Philip Hill is an outstanding solicitor. He is extremely hard-working, knows his cases back-to-front and there is nobody better with clients. His kindness and sensitivity is widely recognised.”

“Both Paul Graham and Raymond Shaw are stalwarts of the London criminal market and should be praised for their client care, especially with regard to legally aided clients.”

Legal 500 2021

‘High level of commitment to meeting the needs of clients and providing a high quality of service whether privately or publicly funded. Particular expertise in private client criminal work. Consistently demonstrate good results as a result of “going the extra mile“‘.

‘Really do punch above their weight in terms of service provision and general organisation. Highly recommend‘.

‘Client care is second to none’

‘There is a freshness and energy to this team. At a time when many solicitors are understandably jaded and muted this firm makes opportunities and prepares cases to a very high standard indeed’

The general crime team at Shaw Graham Kersh is not split between police and court departments, with clients instead retaining the same representation throughout the legal process ...  Led by the 'meticulous' Paul Graham and 'excellent' Philip Hill

‘Paul Graham has vast experience, which enables him to take a strategic approach to the preparation of his caseload. Consistently demonstrates high quality representation. Meticulous and unstinting preparation‘.

‘Raymond Shaw is very knowledgeable and tactically astute. Fantastic client care with a young client facing a very serious charge and his very worried parents were handled with skill. Nothing is left to chance’ 

Chambers and Partners 2021

“Strong bench of experienced criminal practitioners who act for both private and publicly funded clients. Adept at handling matters concerning complex criminal conspiracies, including people trafficking, gang-related violence and large-scale drug investigations. Demonstrates expertise in cases that involve young defendants as well as those with mental health issues”.

"Raymond Shaw is amazing at dealing with people who are having their first interaction with the law."

"Paul Graham is very knowledgeable." "He knows what he is doing and is very realistic in his advice." "He is very good with clients - relaxed and calming."

"They stand out for their hands-on approach,"

Chambers and Partners, 2019

"They have an astonishing track record of success and they handle heavy cases with deftness and aplomb."

"The high calibre of solicitors and support staff make for an outstanding firm."

Strong bench of experienced criminal practitioners who act for both private and publicly funded clients. Expertise covers cases ranging from large-scale drug investigations to human trafficking. Particularly noted for its work in complex investigations relating to children, including abductions and murders. Adept at handling matters involving complex criminal conspiracies, including prostitution rings and gang-related violence.

Legal 500, 2019

“The team at Shaw Graham Kersh  is phenomenal inside and outside court, with tremendous energy, stamina and strategy”.

“The hardworking, experienced and client-centred practice at Shaw Graham Kersh has a well-deserved reputation for quality representation from the police station to appellate level”.

The team at Shaw Graham Kersh  is ‘phenomenal inside and outside court, with tremendous energy, stamina and strategy’. It deals with a variety of serious criminal offences such as firearms, drugs conspiracies, terrorism and gang crime.  Paul Graham heads the team with Philip Hill who is ‘an extremely calm and focused lawyer’ and has ‘first-rate client care skills’.

Raymond Shaw is ‘sensational, supportive and sharp’ and is ‘the doyen of disentangling doomsday scenarios’.

Legal 500 2019 – Fraud: white collar crime Fraud/White collar crime:

The ‘Hardworking, experienced and client-centred’ practice at Shaw Graham Kersh has ‘a well-deserved reputation for quality representation from the police station to appellate level’. Recent highlights include acting in a £70m tax fraud case, a car crash scam and an FCA investigation. ‘Top criminal fraud litigator’ Raymond Shaw heads the team.

Chambers and Partners,  2019

Paul Graham is “an experienced litigator and has a great sense of the tactical and strategic possibilities in trial preparation. His extensive experience means that he also instils a lot of confidence in his clients."

Raymond Shaw is "everything a solicitor should be - completely unflappable, calm, knowledgeable and approachable to clients."

Harry Grayson "…knows [extradition] law very well and has a broad skill set. He has such a breadth of experience that he can foresee potential problems and head them off early. He has the ability to be creative in his arguments and pragmatic when the case or client requires."

Chambers and Partners 2018

Sources say: "They are a powerful and effective firm. They succeed on their reputation and the fact that they care about their clients - for whom they deliver a quality service."

Another comments: "It's a strong and diverse team of lawyers, led by four very able partners. Shaw Graham Kersh continue to represent clients at all levels with the utmost professionalism in both the private and legally aided markets. One of their major strengths is the quality of the solicitors employed, who all have good reputations."

Legal 500 2018 – Fraud: white collar crime

Shaw Graham Kersh's 'well-resourced department' has 'a thriving practice in this area', and the team 'has an excellent work ethic which attracts the best fraud work in the country'. Work highlights included representing an individual in tax fraud allegations involving government incentives to bolster the British film industry, and acting for a former director or a private equity investment company alleged to have stolen over £12.5m from Russian investors. Raymond Shaw is the key name to note, and is praised as being a ‘tenacious individual who works incredibly hard on every case and is fearless in defence of his clients’.

Legal 500 2018 – General crime

At Shaw Graham Kersh, highlights have included representing a defendant charged with gang-related murder; acting for two clients accused of conspiracy to evade duty on cigarettes; and defending an individual charged with conspiracy to import firearms following a joint investigation by Operation Trident of the Metropolitan Police. Founding partners Paul Graham, Daniel Kersh and Raymond Shaw are the leading practitioners, and Philip Hill is 'an excellent solicitor who combines client care with forensic case preparation skills'.

Chambers and Partners 2017

Strong bench of experienced criminal practitioners who act for both private and publicly funded clients. Expertise covers cases ranging from large-scale drug investigations to human trafficking. Particularly noted for its work in complex investigations relating to children, including abductions and murders.

"They are extremely good lawyers who understand the tactics of it all."

Legal 500 2017

Founding partners Raymond Shaw, Paul Graham and Daniel Kersh lead the “extremely impressive” crime group at Shaw Graham Kersh. Philip Hill, acts for a defendant in Operation Sanctuary/Shelter involving the alleged grooming and rape of vulnerable youths.

Chambers & Partners 2016

"It is a specialist criminal law firm based in central London with a good range of partners and expertise"

"It is a very good firm that is very committed to legal aid"

Legal 500 2015/16

In spite of financial cuts across the criminal justice system, founding partners Raymond Shaw, Paul Graham and Daniel Kersh continue to offer a ‘very able, committed and professional’ service at Shaw Graham Kersh. Partner Philip Hill is recommended for his ‘outstanding’ client care.

Legal 500 Fraud: White Collar Crime

The ‘highly skilled’ and ‘no-nonsense’ Raymond Shaw heads the ‘extremely competent’ practice at Shaw Graham Kersh, which was instructed by professionals on a wide range of matters, including tax-related offences.

Legal Aid Agency Peer Review 2015

Graded as Competence Plus – noting that the firm is "prepared to go beyond the terms of the retainer to protect client interests” and achieves “better than expected results for clients in many instances [arising] from the proactive approach taken by fee earners"

Chambers & Partners 2015

The firm "is a very solid and experienced criminal practice. It covers the gamut of criminal work, and the interpersonal skills of the partners are excellent"

The firm is "a much praised criminal boutique"

Raymond Shaw has "great ideas, and is always forward thinking and very impressive.  ’He is powerful as an advocate in pursuing his client’s case"

Daniel Kersh "has a strong reputation in the market"

Paul Graham is "good at cutting through and identifying the heart of the problem".  He is admired for "seeking out that extra piece of evidence that might change the case"

Michael Strauss is "highly conscientious, thorough, reliable and committed"

Legal 500 2014

Shaw Graham Kersh’s founding partners Raymond Shaw, Paul Graham and Daniel Kersh have "an excellent all-round practice'. The firm is particularly noted for the "interpersonal skills' of its practitioners and the ‘thoroughness' of their case preparation.

Raymond Shaw has "great judgement". The firm is representing the main defendant in a £125m tax fraud case.

Chambers & Partners 2014

"The solicitors work extremely well as a team"

Paul Graham is well known for "his shrewd judgement" and his ability to "navigate through a minefield with quiet professionalism"

Raymond Shaw is "an incredibly knowledgeable, tactically astute and energetic lawyer"

Legal 500 2013

Shaw Graham Kersh provides a "first class service. Its recent work includes representing a defendant charged with the murder of her two very young children"

Paul Graham is "unflappable", and Raymond Shaw is "determined to get the best results for his clients"

Chambers & Partner 2013

The firm "is a niche practice with the credentials of a heavyweight"

It is a firm that is "definitely going places"

Paul Graham "is extremely astute, and is also known for his tactical judgement and incredible attention to detail"

Raymond Shaw is commended for his "good judgement and excellent client skills"

Legal 500 2012

Philip Hill is "praised for his sound judgement and excellent interpersonal skills"

Chambers & Partners 2012

The firm "shows a notable degree of care to the client, both in every aspect of case preparation and in the ‘hand –holding’ which can sometimes be lacking from other solicitors"

Paul Graham "thinks deeply about cases and has an acute strategic sense"

Daniel Kersh "is a Solicitor advocate whose style is clear, concise and straight to the point"

Raymond Shaw "goes the extra mile by exploring every tactical and legal point addressing those points to the client’s advantage"

Michael Strauss "has a fabulous relationship with clients"

Legal 500 2011

"Raymond Shaw is "a knowledgeable lawyer able to provide clear and realistic tactical advice in difficult circumstances"


“I typed into google, very late one panicky evening, “best lawyers in the UK” and what came back to me from somewhere out there in the ether was the BEST guys out there. I can’t put in to words how wonderful you all have been from the get go of this case.  I had absolutely no doubt that you would win the day” (Anon)

“I engaged SGK following my son being charged with serious drug related offences. Of course this is a time of great worry and stress when clear and coherent advice and guidance is essential. I am happy to say that we got that and more from the professionals at SGK. They reassured us and made the whole frightening legal process manageable.  I am pleased to report that my son achieved the outcome we were aiming for, ie a non-custodial sentence. I can highly recommend SGK” (Mr D P)

“Your presentation was elegant, skillful, thorough and always concise.  I was so impressed with your professionalism and especially thankful of your consideration with my nerves in the situation. Thanks for guiding me through this difficult moment, and for getting me the outcome I so needed.” (Mr P S)

“We couldn’t have asked for a better service. We are very grateful for how our case was handled so sensitively given it involved our fifteen year old son” (Mr & Mrs A)

“Good service – well thought through advice – attentive” (Anon)

“Very professional and forthcoming with much needed advice” (Anon)

“Easy going and easy to work with. Offered me the best advice” (Anon)

“Staff made me feel very comfortable and very easy to deal with at all times” (Miss T H)

“Brilliant personalised service. Very responsive and accessible.  We have been exceptionally pleased and very grateful for ongoing help and support” (Ms G P & Ms D P)

“Thank you so much for your help and support. I couldn’t have had better people helping me with my case. I have been with you for over 14 years on and off”

“I find your company very efficient, helpful and friendly.  I have always been satisfied with your services”

“The service provided was outstanding. Very helpful and informative”

“They have capable lawyers who can guide your case to a successful end. They work closely with clients [who are] treated fairly at all times” (Mr A A)

“I am extremely grateful to your meticulous attention to detail and support throughout my case” (Mr R T)

“Extremely satisfied with the outcome and…give my thanks and gratitude” (Anon)

“Highly qualified staff and very professional advisers” (Anon)

“Your team are of a high quality. [Their] understanding and knowledge was invaluable to me. Keep up the good work with your excellent service” (Anon)

“Shaw Graham Kersh is an outstanding establishment. I would happily recommend them to anyone” (Mr A A)

"Trusted with sound advice, an excellent team" (Anon)

"I have been with Shaw Graham Kersh for a number of years and have been very satisfied" (Anon)

"We were very happy with the thoroughness of our representation" (Anon)

"Professional, kind, good at the legal process in the office and at court.  I think that the Shaw Graham Kersh team are excellent… both in court and as a legal team, and personally too" (Ms L F)

"Thank you very much for all the help and support, I have never experienced better help.   I felt at ease the whole way through my case" (Anon)

"Very easy to talk to and made everything easy to understand" (Anon)

"I was very happy with the way my case was handled. I always knew what was going on.  I also appreciate the way my family was kept informed. I cannot pick fault with my defence team and cannot praise the effort and work load put into defending me enough" (Mr M W)

"The service I received was excellent and everything was explained to me in great detail" (Mr J F)

"Great advice, as well as comfort, was given. Genuine effort and hard work was done to solve the case.  Your service is already very good and staff are very professional, polite and friendly" (Ms A A)

"Brilliant from start to finish" (Anon)

"You are a good, hardworking and fair legal company" (Anon)

"Thank you for your help and for being reassuring in my times of doubt" (Mr A M)

"Best firm I know – trust me, I’ve been through a lot" (Mr C H)

"Whenever needed you were available and 100% helpful" (Anon)

"Shaw Graham Kersh treated me fairly, listened well and kept me up to date" (Anon)

"Very good service. Advisor was very focused and hardworking" (Anon)

"Good service and always on the ball" (Mr A F)

"I found SGK were very accommodating and had my best interest at heart. Also very professional and informative" (Anon)

"Your advice is quick and clear" (Mr E K)

"Good solicitors. Full of good people" (Mr C R)

"The company is very co-operative and the solicitors are available when needed" (Anon)

"Very good attitude towards clients and friendly manner experienced" (Mr M E)

"You do all you can to assure fairness, reliability and trust.  The service I received was exceptional" (Anon)

"Professional, efficient, open and honest" (Anon)

"I was treated with respect" (Anon)

"Dealing with me you [were] straight forward and honest" (Anon)

"I was very impressed with the efficiency and the friendliness of the firm" (Anon)

"I felt I could completely trust you to look after my affairs. I was very pleased with your service" (Ms T B)

"I felt personally attended to, not just another case" (Anon)

"Polite, friendly, professional people. An absolute pleasure to deal with anyone from this company" (Anon)

"You are the best solicitors I ever had. Thank you very much for looking out for me" (Anon)

"I think you looked into the matter in great detail and were very understanding in difficult circumstances" (Anon)

"I was treated fairly, especially taking your time to visit me and communicating with my family" (Mr D A)

"Friendly, informative, non-judgemental, honest advice" (Anon)

"Very professional yet friendly, caring, understanding and supportive. Wish there were more solicitors firms like yours who actually take a genuine interest in people" (Anon)

"I found your services first class and the lawyers who dealt with me excellent – they treated me as human" (Mr J C)

"The level of service was both professional and friendly. I felt there was genuine commitment to my case and I was right." (Anon)

"Impartial advice was given to me at all times. Also the company always placed my best interests at heart" (Anon)

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